Friday, October 30, 2009

Google Chrome OS Download a Fake!!!

Like many I was punked by the recent "availability" Of the Google Chrome OS. Being a busy bee I never had a chance to install it. I had picked up the link for Gizmodo, believing they were a creditable enough source, having found a recent release of the Chrome Browser for the Mac OS through them. Having visited the website I did joked on how lame the screenshots were, which should have sent up red flags. The cleaver part of this scam: the fake site was hosted on google sites. This put google in the url giving the whole scam a bit more legitimacy. Having no desire now to install the fake iso or vm's, and possible infecting my network with a spam bot. I am not going to find out what was in the packages from the fake Chrome site. Google has since disable the fake site on Google sites for violation of terms of service.

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