Saturday, October 24, 2009

How I fixed Adobe AIR for the Mac OS

I have been running Adboe AIR apps for about 7 months now. This past week I was trying to install Twhirl on my MacBook running Mac OS 10.5.4. When I got the error that the app could not be installed:
“The application could not be installed because the AIR file is damaged. Try obtaining a new AIR file from the application author.”

And this message in the console:

7/20/08 12:39:48 AM[103] ([0x0-0x43043].com.adobe.air.ApplicationInstaller[303]) Exited with exit code: 7

I tried the following:
-Reinstall AIR
-Verified disc permissions
-Repaired disc permissions
-Remove Adobe CS3
-Delete the folder ~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AIR/CRLCache and reinstall AIR

With no luck. So then I made a backup of the /var/folders/ folder. From what I have been reading the /var/folders/zz folder is a temporary directory for Mac OS 10.5. So I cleared this folder, restarted and now AIR app install with out a problem. Here are the commands from the terminal:

$cd /var/folders

$sudo cp -rf zz/ zz.bak/
Password: ************

$cd zz/

$sudo rm -rf *

And reboot

Update From the Adobe AIR Discussion Board:
Posted by stjohnsj: If the AIR cert is in the keychain, AIR apps will not install. Delete the cert from the keychain and everthing works.

This did not fix the problem I was having. There were no AIR certs in my keychain. But this is another step worth troubleshooting.

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