Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thin Clients are Dead (Again)

Like many cycles the life of the thin client is over for now. 2-3 years ago I was a huge back of thin clients, but no longer. The new ultra cheap computer are able to now push the tradition thin clients out of there space. With more power and a full OS why would you pay $300 for a dummy terminal when you can get a Asus EE PC or a MSIWIN at the same form factor for the same price. Two things have made this possible, the Intel Atom processor and Windows 7.
Windows 7 has the surprising ability to run well on low end hardware. The Intel Atom processor has brought a incredible amount of power in a small, cheap form factor. Thus bring an end to the 2nd age of the thin. Not that the dummy computing is going away. The more cloud and web based computing becomes popular the more like thin client computing we all start using everyday. The new ultra cheap PC's will not be killing thin computing. They will be kill the thin clients, themselves. If anything cloud computing is the next generation of thin computing. As more browsers become HTML 5 compliant and take advantage of the offline data capabilities the more free app us as user will take advatnage of them.

With a full blown OS you have more options for your thin computing. You can running your RDP seesions, remote access, a full unhindered web browser, Word, Execl email, ect ....

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